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Too many wine lovers are disappointed with their stay discovery of Bordeaux chateaux with private car driver-guide: about 60%!


For what reasons ? Brochures and websites lies, inexperienced driver and superficial guide, car uncomfortable, wine tasting undrinkable to property, loss of driving time, exorbitant prices etc .....

So how to prepare your coming, how to choose a driver guide?


Above all, we must avoid to ask information at the tourist office whom instead of being a space for information and neutral advice, sells packages of providers that pay the tourist office to be sent there. The tourist office is dependent on its members !

Then it is desirable to have a map and a clear view of the journey times between two properties.


Finally, it is better to prepare your trip in advance.


To help, I try to put myself in the place of a curious wine lover or novice, and I said he is entitled to:

- The choice of driver guide

- The choice of vehicle

- The choice of the number and chateaux to visit

- All at the best prices and of course l with the possibility of refund in case of dissatisfaction.

After all,  a cork could have a taste or even worse, in which case, you can ask for replacement of the bottle.

Based on these criteria, you can compare the above providers and make your choice.


If you choose me, thank you in advance, contact me as soon as possible and by email only. If you want, I can send you the details of my moral and professional references.


Welcome in Bordeaux

Vincent Willliam Gross